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LeftHand Networks from Twin Technology Ltd

Using LeftHand Networks, Twin Technology provide a solution that improves the Perfomance, Scalability, Availability and Manageability of your storage platform. Based on industry standard hardware platforms and managed through an intuitive centralized management console, this solution gives you everything you need for a reliable, fully managed storage area network.

Key Features:

Storage Clustering - True clustering

LefHand Networks SAN iQ Cluster
Network RAID - Always on storage
Multi-site SAN - Protection from site failure
Thin Provisioning - Raise storage utilization
Snapshots - Backup and recovery
Remote Copy - Efficient replication
SmartClone - Instantly clone storage volumes

More Information:

- SAN/iQ distributes virtualization intelligence on storage modules across the network. Hence there is no performance bottleneck, no single point of failure, and no strain on server resources.

- This unique architecture clusters storage modules into a virtual storage pool, which can be configured dynamically from a centralized management console.

- Scale storage capacity from half a terabyte to hundreds of terabytes, automatically and without system downtime; provision individual volumes to maximize available capacity and/or data protection.

- LeftHand Networks has combined breakthrough simplicity with advanced provisioning, failover, replication, and snapshot services previously available only in high-end storage solutions.

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