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The Power to Do Business Anywhere

Unlock the benefits of wireless mobile technology as the foundation for improved communication and more streamlined business processes. For the first time, a field worker may interact back to corporate systems directly at the point of action in the field.

Twin technology has a range of mobile hand-held applications for field sales, field service and logistics. Secure wireless access to business critical applications while working away from the office. From sales staff accepting orders at the customers location, to service personnel wirelessly accessing account history and inventory.

Twin Technology are demonstrating how companies worldwide can increase productivity, save money, and leverage the power of wireless technology.  Wireless Internet is more than just “wireless access to the Internet.” It's about different types of small mobile handheld devices and the ability to provide anytime, anyplace Secure access to critical office information in an easy and effective way.

A growing number of companies today are seeing real benefits from adopting the use of mobile hand held devices and applications. Our systems provide end-to-end wireless communications solutions, enabling carriers, service providers and businesses to deliver content to any type of user, anywhere in the world.

Leveraging its long-term leadership in wireless technology as well as its expertise in applications and network services, Twin Technology enables its customers to focus on optimizing their service offerings and revenue streams.

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