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Universal Threat Managment
Wireless & Network Security
Remote Access & PKI
Firewall & IPS Systems
Biometric Security
Messaging Security
Incident Response
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Hackers, phishing, spyware, logic bombs, PC virus, worms, and spam: growing cyber threats can put your network in peril and menace your valuable data. You need a security solution that is vigilant and always up-to-date on the latest online hazards and how to prevent them.

Through a complete life cycle approach, Twin Technologies services encompass all the steps in analyzing, building, implementing and supporting the best secure management solutions to fit your business needs:

Through comprehensive telecom, security and management assessments and holistic planning, Twin Technology consulting services enable you to implement best-practices and secure management strategies across your organization. You can maximize the business value of your network and IT infrastructure.

Architecture services help you design a secure management solution meeting your existing network and IT infrastructure, and tailored to your unique priorities. Whether it be your existing systems, geographies, performance or dependability needs, you can create the secure management solution that fit your needs.

Including specific software customizations, Twin Technology development services enable you to tailor Twin Technologies software to handle very specific needs, such as dedicated features or technical environments. Whatever your specific context, you can build a solution tightly adapted to your environments.

Once the solution is designed and integrated, implementation services help your teams deploy and configure it in the field. From pilot site integration to corporate wide deployment, implementation services help you get your secure management solution up and running for the end user.

Maintenance services help you manage day to day your secure management environment. From operations, administration and troubleshooting to upgrade management, you can leverage the daily operational value of your investments.

Twin Technology Education Services and mentoring provide the training, skills development, and certifications that enable you to optimize the operation and administration of your security and management systems. By developing and maintaining internal staff knowledge, you can make the most of your secure management tools.

Assistance to project management
In all project stages, from analysis to roll out, project management assistance services provide your teams extra capacity and experience to manage project organization tasks. Your teams can manage the project in full confidence that they will benefit at each step from a highly dedicated and experienced resource.

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