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Virtualization allows multiple unmodified operating systems and their applications to run independently in virtual machines while sharing physical resources.

Virtualization technology delivers measurable savings in both capital and operating costs:

  • Increases hardware utilization and reducing hardware requirements with server consolidation ratios commonly exceeding ten virtual machines per physical processor.

  • Reduces the cost of rack space and power proportionate to the consolidation ration achieved.

  • Consolidation at any ratio will reduce the cost of cooling the computer room and the cost of disaster recovery/business continuity cover.

  • Decreases labour cost by simplifying and automating labour and resource intensive IT operations across disparate hardware, operating system and software application environments.
Twin Technology understands Virtualisation 
We realise there is no panacea; no single solution that works for everything.  We realise that it really is quite easy to overkill a solution and invest thousands on licensing fees when a freeware product from one of the many Virtualisation software manufacturers will do the trick.  

So we aim to work with you, and build a solution that best fits your needs and expectations.  We have a proven track record of implementing Virtualised solutions across all levels: from desktop and single server environment to fully populated Blade enclosures.

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