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IT Cube Overview
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Twin Technology in partnership with IT Cube

ITCube is a full service technology out-sourcing organization that works closely with companies to deliver the benefits of
globalization at a fraction of the cost. ITCube has over 300 employees that are dedicated to providing services like software
development and business outsourcing. ITCube clients are mid-sized organizations which seek to reduce operating costs while
facilitating scalability. ITCube seeks to implement on-site consultants that can work in close coordination with the client company, allowing ITCube to respond quickly to the changing needs and requirements of the growing client. ITCube staff is always available regardless of time zone or task. ITCube is headquartered in Cincinnati and has an extensive presence in India.

ITCube focuses on building a sustainable competitive advantage in IT management for mid-size companies. The firm supplements client’s resources by implementing an efficient globalization strategy that allows the client to realize operating efficiencies through improved software and/or streamlined measures. Many of ITCube’s clients are companies which are funded by venture capital or private equity firms. ITCube successfully brings a measure of performance reporting to multiple areas of the company that are often traditionally thought to be support functions. The level of accountability offered by such initiatives underscores the increased focus and operational effectiveness of a partnership with ITCube. ITCube focuses on working closely with clients to document various operating processes and to determine the key performance parameters (KPI’s) that can be used for evaluation. As an outsourcing organization, ITCube can also help growing companies identify parts of the business process that should be moved to a team that can quickly become an extension of the client’s organization. ITCube successfully learns the clients business and processes to train offshore agents and monitor results and essentially become the on-site
“go between”.

ITCube has extensive resources that allow for significant flexibility and scope in regards to client work. Services include:

Software development
>> Outsourced product development (OPD)
>> Business process automation
>> Mobility and PDA applications
>> Integration of data from devices into SAP, Oracle Financials and other legacy applications
>> Ongoing software maintenance

Back office processes
>> Accounting and book keeping
>> MIS support
>> Logistics support
>> Order entry
>> Cash application to accounts receivable
>> Image redaction, text entry from images for database updates

Inbound and outbound call center
>> Receivables management and collection
>> Lead generation, help desk
>> Streamline call center value chain

ITCube has successfully worked with a variety of mid size companies in various spaces. Some current clients include:

Legal Services Company, California
>> ITCube provides software development, call center services and process outsourcing to $100 million company.
>> ITCube runs approximately 50% of call center, 90% of cash application, 40% of receivable collection and 50% of the order
>> ITCube delivers a cost saving of 50 to 60% on the functions it performs.
>> ITCube currently is in the process of rewriting all the firms software from a 20yr old AS400 application to web-based
platforms. The process is planned in a detailed manner and will be implemented in 6 phases to ensure business continuity.
Temporary Storage Company, North Carolina
>> ITCube is charged with moving all back office and software functions offshore to an ITCube staff of over 30 people.
>> ITCube performs lead generation, order entry, delivery and pickup logistics, accounting, invoicing, bill processing, and
software maintenance to the company.
>> The client, which provides portable, temporary storage containers to a variety of industries, has deployed additional ITCube
resources to identify construction bids through web-based screenings and build a streamlined sales process around it.

Department of Health (NHS), United Kingdom
>> ITCube provides outsourced product development to main health body of United Kingdom
>> ITCube has worked for over two years with a number of divisions to build and implement software applications. The initial
work resulted in 4 projects with over 20,000 hours of development. All projects have been delivered on time and budget.
>> Ongoing support is handled by ITCube on its offshore facilities.
>> ITCube currently is in the process of rewriting all the firms software from a 20yr old AS400 application to web-based
platforms. The process is planned in a detailed manner and will be implemented in 6 phases to ensure business continuity.

Fresh Farm Produce Distribution, London, UK
>> ITCube provides BPO logistics management and handles sales and logistics from offshore location.
>> Through software development done itself, ITCube informs potential customers of daily quantity and prices and then passes
inquiry’s through an onsite sales staff.
>> The offshore team works with the warehouse to ensure shipment and then raises the invoices as well as follow up for
receivable collection. The profit and losses of each shipment are tracked and reported by offshore team.

Mobility and RFID company, Texas
>> ITCube provides BPO global software development and back office services, maintains MIS in offshore facility.
>> Once applications are identified and documented, ITCube teams staff the development using proprietary technology.
>> ITCube also supplements the company’s consultants in the function of pre-sales support staff.

Bio medical software company, Ohio
>> ITCube develops and integrated a number of applications for managing clinical trials in an academic setting.
>> Applications are written and implemented over a 5 year assignment, each has undergone successfully implementation.

>> Founded in 2000, over 100 years of combined management experience
>> Headquartered in Cincinnati with offices in London and India.
>> Exclusive mid-size company focus, allowing for superior interaction with clients
>> High client retention, high percentage increase in business per client.
>> Focuses of business expertise include, but are not limited to: software development, back office work, and call centers.
>> Strong processes that have enabled success over a variety of industries and firms.
>> Extremely flexible mandate with emphasis on delivering long term value within time and under budget

“In today’s challenging world of business, it is important to us that we have a partner who is not only technically competent, but
values relationships, thought, leadership and collaboration. ITCube has demonstrated real value in each of these critically important areas of IT management. Many focus on products or specific hardware, ITCube collaborates with its customers to solve problems with solutions that are integrated and enterprise-wide in scope and value. To support that, they have created a global capability to deliver cost effective solutions with expertise that is competitive and with support that is comprehensive. In sum, they are ready to change the paradigm to create a powerful competitive advantage for customers.” – John Shoemaker, President, Shipcom Wireless

If the standard off-the-self SharePoint solutions don’t meet your needs, Twin Technology / IT Cube can make custom solutions for your organizational requirements. We have dedicated Sharepoint Development specialist in-house..

We can provide and integrate the following into your existing SharePoint Infrastructure:

>> Custom Info-Path forms.
>> Custom Workflows.
>> Custom interface design.
>> Custom Web Parts.
>> Custom business intelligence applications.
>> Custom Microsoft .net programming.

For pricing, brochures, data sheets or other technical information email or CALL Twin Technology on +44(0)1923 228820


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