How the right managed IT support partner can empower the modern workforce securely – Part 2

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As the threat of data breaches and inadequate cybersecurity measures continues to grow, businesses have to explore and understand an incredible range of products that will “solve all their problems.” While there is undoubtedly leading security technology out there – finding the right one for you is no easy task.

In this article, we take the challenges explored in Part 1 (i.e. the cybersecurity threats impacting businesses in the modern workforce setting) and answer the questions, how can you overcome them, and where should you look to do so?

Your workforce is working from home, but is your security doing the same thing?

We know the COVID-19 pandemic was a catalyst in shifting the workforce to operate remotely last year. As a result, many businesses (and employees) are now realising that working in this way has some significant benefits – especially now we can lay to rest the stigma of lazy, unaccountable work-from-home staff!

The downside to this, however, comes very much from a place of security. With workers operating outside the usual network, your IT team will have created a more robust infrastructure, and the number of vulnerable endpoints increasing, cyber-attack threats and data breaches become more serious.

Luckily, platforms like HP Wolf Security exist to tackle these challenging factors. The platform works by safeguarding remote workers with comprehensive endpoint protection and resiliency that starts at the hardware level and extends across software and services. This means that protection is in place every minute of every day, so you can rest easy knowing robust hardware-enforced protection oversees and protects your data.

Asking the experts to support all your needs

HP Wolf Security ticks a lot of boxes for most small- to medium-sized businesses. It offers:

  • Hardware-enforced security for PCs and printers.
  • Endpoint security (especially for work-from-home employees who likely have no security measure in place).
  • Access to cybersecurity experts as part of a fully managed service.

This last point is essential. While the software is there to help protect your people, data, and business, understanding it and ensuring perfect operations requires a particular skillset. Chances are, you do not have this expertise available to you in your business (or at least not one that can accurately manage remote workforces in the right way).

Instead, you should outsource this critical task to professional services that specialise in IT security and deliver the resources needed to enact the right security plan. Here at Twin Technologies, we find you the perfect partner to provide tailored IT support services.

Twin Technology: How can tomorrow’s technology help you today?

Now, more than ever before, the way you support your IT environment is critical to business success. That’s why at Twin Technology, we believe you need more than just experience when delivering an exceptional managed IT support contract. Competency does not come from experience alone; it comes from combining skills, knowledge, and attitude.

Request a consultation with our dedicated IT security experts today, explore the current stances on cybersecurity, and get a tailored IT plan. Protect your business with the right technology and the highest level of expertise – book now to reserve your slot.

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