Securing the Modern Workforce In Partnership with Heimdal Security Part 2


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Security is now one of the most critical factors in an organisation’s business infrastructure.
COVID-19 has created the perfect platform for a global surge in malicious cyber activity. Assets, infrastructure, and data are more exposed than ever before. Modernising IT in a post-pandemic era means putting security front and centre but trying to build or enhance a cybersecurity roadmap against the backdrop of the pandemic is not an easy task for any organisation.
The rapidly increasing dependency on digital platforms coupled with thinly stretched IT resources presented a unique set of security challenges even before the onset of the pandemic. Now, an ever-expanding remote workforce uses less secure connections to access company servers, data, and applications. Policies have been forcibly loosened to accommodate the level of change required, which has paved the way for a dramatic increase in exposure and hidden vulnerabilities that threat actors can and will exploit. It’s hard to control something you can’t see. So what do you do when faced with a malicious and unrelenting enemy that continues to evolve faster than you can react? Our strategic partner Heimdal presents a versatile security suite that offers innovative solutions focused on helping businesses strengthen their resilience and build a level of immunity that promotes confidence and peace of mind.
In this latest mini-blog, we explore six essential strategies to enhance your security posture and how Heimdal’s solutions can help.
1. Understanding the Challenge
Data – you have it and hackers want it. Creating a robust defence depends upon having a complete understanding of the threat environment and what actions are required to safeguard your security within it. Do you have a comprehensive view of your existing security environment? It’s important to undertake an honest appraisal of the security measures and processes your business has in place. It’s also important to conduct a cybersecurity risk assessment to find out where the gaps are. How is your data stored and who has access to it? Heimdal can provide you with advice and leadership to fully understand and navigate an increasingly complex landscape and help you stay fully secure without overcomplicating things.
2. Educating the Workforce
This is perhaps one of the most overlooked areas of cybersecurity. It’s imperative to educate the workforce to be the first line of defence. People need to be aware that cybersecurity is not solely the responsibility of the IT department. Are employees aware of the processes they go through when accessing data? Are they being vigilant and taking appropriate precautions when working from public spaces? Do they have a basic understanding of the most common phishing techniques or know what to look for in a malicious email? Do you have proper processes in place for reporting suspicious activity? Reinforcing the message and creating a security-focused culture is vitally important. Heimdal focuses heavily on user education and offers a suite of educational assets, daily security tips, and a knowledge base and FAQ section, representing the core belief that cybersecurity education is critical to ensure a safer future.
3. Beyond Passwords – PAM
Password-related hacks are one of the leading causes of data breaches. Companies of all sizes must look beyond passwords to secure users’ access to business applications and systems. When it comes to a list of critical cybersecurity infrastructure projects, managing user rights through PAM should be high on the list of priorities to support every organisation’s cyber resilience strategy. The modern workplace needs PAM tools. Controlling privileged access reduces the potential attack surface and minimises the impact of a breach. Heimdal’s next-gen modular PAM software helps your organisation achieve better cybersecurity and full compliance and higher productivity.
4. Patch, patch, patch! – Automation
Patch management is vital to enhancing cyber resilience. Not treating patching as a key IT security activity is a significant oversight that can have a sizeable negative impact on security levels. Unpatched systems are one of the easiest attack vectors for hackers looking to gain access to corporate networks. Without the right tools in place, it can be unnecessarily time-consuming for staff to look for and install patches. Heimdal’s automated patch and asset management solutions can help you get a grip on your vulnerabilities and strengthen your security posture. You can customise a patch management process that not only meets your needs but integrates with existing cycles. Safeguarding both your remote and office-bound employees by eliminating risks associated with outdated operating systems and apps is now more critical than ever.
5. Endpoint Protection
Your ecosystem is only as healthy as its weakest link. Traditionally, cybersecurity focus has been on servers and data centres. Still, given the volume of employees working outside the perimeter of protected corporate networks, endpoint security represents the cornerstone of a post-pandemic cybersecurity strategy. Heimdal’s AI-driven proactive threat prevention represents one of the most powerful endpoint protection solutions available, allowing you to predict tomorrow’s threats today. The culture shift to remote working en masse now requires more than simple anti-virus protection. Heimdal’s Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions provide unparalleled threat intelligence for more robust endpoint security and greater peace of mind.
6. Let the Experts Help You
In an era of constant change and ever-present risk, don’t go it alone. Choosing a partner with a strong reputation that prioritises customer experience will not only ensure your business is protected but can also positively affect your bottom line. Heimdal Security is an award-winning provider of cybersecurity solutions for consumers, SMBs, and enterprises worldwide. Building a trusted relationship with one of the world’s leading cybersecurity vendors and considering an outside perspective from industry experts is your best form of defence in the war on cybercrime. Lower your risk and increase your resilience by listening to the experts.
A dramatically different economic landscape requires a very different mindset. Cybersecurity should be viewed more as an enabler than a cost and insurance policy.
Post-pandemic preparedness, in the form of good cyber hygiene, is essential in our adjustment to this new reality. If cybersecurity wasn’t a top strategic imperative before the pandemic, then it certainly should be now. Choose tomorrow’s technology today. Stay alert, protect your business, secure the modern workforce with Heimdal.

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