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Scale Computing

Who Are Scale ?

Scale Computing provides enterprise-class, intelligent data storage solutions for small to medium-sized enterprises. Our products are simple to understand, easy to configure and even easier to manage.

The Scale Difference

1. Full functionality is included in every Scale storage node.
No extra charges for additional protocols, features licenses, drives or maintenance programs.

2. Future-Proof Storage.
Mix and match storage nodes and add protocols to the same cluster without changing your hardware.
Protocols added tomorrow with work with the storage you buy today.

3. Price Advantage.
Enterprise-class functionality at a fraction of the cost of most storage providers.
(Scale often outperforms solutions that cost twice as much.)

Business Benefits
Reducing your costs, increasing your control, and managing storage more conveniently are goals Scale Computing can help you achieve. In fact, we designed our storage with these benefits in mind.

Reduce COSTS by building the storage cluster you need, when you need it. Scale-out capabilities and the ability to mix and match node capacities, allow you to purchase storage exactly the way you need it. Scale's unified SAN and NAS protocols provide you with the opportunity to consolidate file servers, thereby reducing your costs.

Increase CONTROL over your storage solution by allowing the Intelligent Rebalance feature to manage data protection for you, giving you maximum, worry-free control over your system.

Make storage more CONVENIENT with Scale's Intelligent Pre-Fetch technology. You will access data faster without the need for ILM.


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