4 Anti-Virus Solutions To Protect Your Business

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At Twin Technology, we understand that security is paramount to all business; particularly in a world of growing dependence on hosted services and unknown internet connectivity – our businesses are now having to deal with threats from every angle.

It’s near impossible to predict every danger that could hit your business but we can work to put systems in place that prevent them jeopardising your IT environments and leave you with as little exposure as possible.

We are able to offer your business independent advice, protection and support from leading providers to ensure you have a security strategy in place that leaves you with peace of mind. Here are 4 of the great anti-virus services we offer:

1) Endpoint protection

Panda Security presents its simple and light endpoint security solution that is quick and easy to install. It protects all your endpoints from a centralised platform, including laptops, smartphones and Windows, Mac and Linux servers. With Endpoint you can expect complete data protection with no false positives complete with real-time monitoring and reports.

2)  Systems Management

Systems Management is 100% cloud based and is an easy and affordable way to manage, monitor and support all your company’s devices, both in the office and in a remote location. As it offers no additional infrastructure, your IT team will be free to concentrate on value-added projects and can manage all devices at any time and from anywhere. To ensure a secure service, Systems Management offers two-factor authentication to verify identities and encrypted communication with the server.

3) Fusion

Fusion remotely protects, manages and supports all of your IT infrastructure devices, including tablets and smartphones. It is 100% cloud based, which means it can be deployed rapidly without the need for maintenance or costly investments in server infrastructure. Fusion is managed from a simple browser, and offers:

  • Maximum protection against malware and other unknown threats.
  • Cost savings thanks to the automation of infrastructure management and centralized control.
  • The best support experience with proactive troubleshooting and remote, non-intrusive access to devices, no matter where they are.

4) Panda Adaptive Defense 360

With its Endpoint Detection and Response features, Adaptive Defense 360 allows you to detect and block malware that other protection systems don’t even see. Adaptive Defense 360 starts with Panda’s best-of-breed EPP solution which includes:

  • Simple and centralised security.
  • Remedial actions.
  • Real-time monitoring and reports.
  • Profile-based protection.
  • Centralized device control.
  • Web monitoring and Filtering.

Adaptive Defense provides an EDR service that can accurately classify every application running in an organisation, only allowing legitimate programs to run. Saving you against threats such as viruses, ransomware and Trojans as well as protecting you against both known and unknown malware.

If you would like to know more about our security solutions and how they can help you and your business, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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