Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions – With AI

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The festive season is well and truly over and many of us have committed to those all-important New Year’s Resolutions. Whether it’s a career boost or weight loss, this year there’s an extra pair of hands to help us get through those tough times, and it’s called AI. Yes you heard us, artificial intelligence is now being used to help us improve our daily lives. Here are some of those on the market:

1) The bot for your career – PocketConfident

PocketConfident is aimed at individuals that maybe going through transitions, facing challenges or simply wants to develop their self-confidence or thinking skills, so it’s great for all the new plans we have to develop ourselves for the year ahead! Their mission is to empower individuals and organisations through personal growth and self-reflection in an ethical, flexible, scalable and inexpensive way. They say “we are choosing to be attentive listeners, life-long learners and to pioneer capacity building through AI.” Apparently it works by asking users “the right questions at the right time” while maintaining a neutral and objective opinion. In a nutshell, it’s an online chatbot that supports individuals by allowing them to talk through difficult situations in a neutral environment in order to help them figure out their own solutions.

2) The bot for your social life – WYSA

Everyone needs to vent sometimes and may not have anyone who will listen to them without offering an opinion or over analysing a situation. Wysa offers you a space for private reflection and to build on your inner strength. After a particularly difficult day, Wysa will always be there to help you untangle or unwind. The perfect “interactive journal meets life coach” that you can carry around in your pocket. Wysa always has your back.

The AI used for Wysa was written by numerous psychologists and life coaches in order to offer the user the best support they need, whatever their goals may be. Wysa is a non judgmental entity that will listen and give advice if necessary in order to help the user build emotional resilience.

3) The bot to help you exercise – FitCircle

FitCircle is perfect for individuals who may struggle to keep on top of their nutritional and workout plans – something a lot of us may be wanting to do this new year! When you share your dietary and fitness goals with FitCircle, plans and fitness regimes are shared to help you achieve those goals. As FitCircle works directly through Facebook, you are part of a community of like-minded people. Meaning as well as the AI and the experts available for a chat, users can also get motivation from their peers.

4) The bot to help your diet – Forksy

Forksy is like a supercharged My Fitness Pal. It’s an instant bot developed through Facebook messenger that gives users nutritional advice when and where they need it. Once the user has messaged Forksy with their daily food intake, the AI platform is able to use logic to create a highly customisable diet and fitness plan, with automated check ins to ensure users don’t go off track! It also allows for food recommendations, custom recipe integrations, understands food intolerances and other personal conditions!

Have you tried using any AI assistants to help you through your new year’s resolutions? Let us know in the comments below!

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