4 Simple ways to Improve your Cyber Security

4 Simple ways to Improve your Cyber Security

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Every other day it seems there is a news story highlighting another hack or cyber security breach. Hackers, viruses, worms, ransomware and spyware are only a few things that can potentially harm your computer or network. With the rate at which sophisticated hackers can access sensitive and highly valuable information increasing, companies both large and small need as much protection as possible. Here are 4 simple ways you can improve your businesses cyber security:

1. Use strong passwords that are updated regularly

Creating a strong computer password is perhaps the easiest thing do to enhance the security of your system. We recommend setting up a complex password, which uses special characters such as “#@!*&” as well as letters and numbers. A strong password would primarily be between 8-15 characters long – Apple’s ‘keychain’ function is a great tool to create super strength passwords. It is generally a good practice to update your passwords every 30-180 days, with 6 months being the maximum.

2. Use two-step authentication

Passwords can only provide so much protection, so we recommend making the use of two-step authentication where possible. Two-step verification prevents would-be hackers from accessing your personal and business accounts, even if they’ve stolen your password. Two-step verification basically makes you perform another identifying action after putting in your password such as a randomly generated code via text message or answering a memorable question.

3. Back up important data

Every business needs a sound data backup implementation plan and strategy. If you store all your data in one place, then if that place breaks down or gets hacked, you risk losing everything. A backup is a digital copy of original data to be used to recover work in case of disaster. Cloud based backup is fast becoming the backup solution of choice. It’s fast, reliable and cuts your costs significantly. It reduces your onsite footprint as well as your upfront investment costs in hardware infrastructure.

4.   Always Use Antivirus Software and Keep it Up-to-Date

It’s near impossible to predict every danger that could hit your business, but Antivirus software works to put systems in place that prevent them jeopardising your IT environments and leave you with as little exposure as possible. When choosing your Antivirus software, do some research to find one that suits your company’s size and needs, or contact an expert for help.Always make sure your Antivirus software is up to date, as failing to regularly update your antivirus software will make it ineffective, opening you up to possible cyberattack.

At Twin Technology, we understand that security is paramount to all business; particularly in a world of growing dependence on hosted services and unknown internet connectivity – our businesses are now having to deal with threats from every angle.

Contact us today to learn how we can assist you with your businesses cyber-security including Cloud storage and Data back-up as well as Antivirus solutions.

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