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Sanitizing Gate Arch

Enhancing safety and sanitization with a better customer experience


The Gate Arch uses a super frequency vibration atomizing technology film responsible for dispersing the sanitizing liquid, in a natural fog spray, producing floating liquid particles of 1-10µ essential for an unparalleled and safer sanitization.

At the core of this technology is built-in integrated ultrasonic wave machine core, with no mechanical drive, therefore noiseless, with higher atomizing efficiency.

Gate Arch features the lowest power consumption by unit humidification amount. 0,05 > 0,1 liters per minute.

Gate Arch mainframe is built of lightweight stainless steel, and the surface panel finished with plastic spraying; the appearance is stylish, with a quality touch, optimized to be portable.

Factory-built with presence sensors/ triggers, it’s designed to bring maximal prevention efficiency with powerful access management if integrated with SIAS. (Prevention Smart Access System)



Transport Box


To be disclosed
Dimensions of the Transport Box


To be disclosed
Weight Transport Box


To be disclosed
Weight Transport Box  Empty


To be disclosed
Dimensions GATE ARCH  Assembled (Cm)


230 x 75
Atomization System :


Super frequency vibration atomizing technology
Energy consumption 200 W > 400 W
Consumption (estimated for 4s exposure)


0,003 > 0,006 litros
Body Material




External Pannels Material


Plastic Composite
Control System


electronic in intensity
Independent Sanitizing Timing Control electronic in time setting
Hardware Integration / Connection
Software Integration SIAS 360*


For home, retail, and warehouses GATE ARCH is the best solution for mass protection, without compromising space or portability. Our new generation gates offer a brand-new atomization technology, that creates an evolving mist of a water-based and fully vegan disinfectant, killing all the bacteria’s and viruses that could be present at clothes, skin, hair, or accessories.

ARCH Special Features:

  • Atomization System more effective with liquid savings
  • Low energy consumption
  • Portability, easy to disconnect and move.
  • Carefully Designed to look good and be compact
  • Water-Based Prepared. (No need to used harmful chemicals)
  • Branding Capabilities
  • Integration with Smart Access Systems, Barriers Prevention Software