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Zero day threats take advantage of unknown or unpatched vulnerabilities and continue to cause massive damage and the fallout from the theft of the NSA discovered exploits such as EternalBlue, resulted in numerous impactful malware attacks all throughout last year including WannaCry, NotPetya and BadRabbit. WannaCry is still active in the wild and infecting unpatched PCs. In May 2018 Panda Security Technology Strategist Josu Franco stated...

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machine learning

Machine learning is the biggest change to the IT industry. It is the process of using artificial intelligence to manage and digest vast amounts of data, identify trends and patterns and then make decisions based on these patterns - all with limited input from a human being. The use of machines to carry out an array of tasks in the workplace is becoming increasingly common...

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Collaboration tools have become incredibly popular with businesses of all sizes. They bring a whole host of benefits such as improving productivity, increasing morale, streamlining processes and bringing overall time and cost savings. Following the success of similar platforms such as Basecamp, Slack and Asana, Microsoft have just launched their very own collaboration tool - Microsoft Teams. Launched on the 17th March 2018, Microsoft Teams is...

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Keep up with our latest news and updates by following us on Facebook and Twitter today! We are pleased to announce that Twin Technology has been approved as a HP Inc Gold Partner! Talk to us today about how the HP Inc and Enterprise portfolio can benefit your business!...

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